Welcome to my blog! What will set apart my blog from all of the others is that I will discuss specific cases handled by my firm, Legacy Immigration. My hope in using case studies is to inform readers about what is “possible” in the realm of immigration law. My goal is to give readers content that is unique, informative and helpful.

At Legacy Immigration, the way we practice law is to find creative interpretations of the pre-existing law. In cases where the law is unclear, we use this “grey area” to present novel arguments. Both of these legal strategies are backed up by substantial research. Finally, we tie the petition together by presenting the case in a manner that makes the adjudicator stand in our clients proverbial “shoes.”

Given that USCIS sees countless petitions, many foreign nationals who appear to have similar circumstances, it is natural (after a while) for the government to think of an application as “just another foreign national seeking an immigration benefit.”

In all of our years of practice, we have yet to find one client’s situation be identical to another. No matter how similar one case might be to another, we always find one circumstance that sets one client’s case from another. It is this one circumstance that we use to show why our client warrants an approval.

Thank you for visiting my blog. DISCLAIMER: Nothing that appears on this blog constitutes legal advice.

Legacy Immigration Scholarship Awards

Dawn Sequeira, Legacy Immigration, recently had the privilege of presenting the Legacy Immigration Scholarships for Career Advancement to recipients at the 26th annual meeting of the American Association of Indian Scientists in Cancer Research.

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