Free Legal Fee Estimate in Minutes from Attorney Sequeira by Email, Phone or Chatbox

You searched for hours trying to find the “right” attorney. You poured through reviews and made multiple calls. You even paid hundreds or thousands in consultation fees, hoping that you would be given options, but in the end, you were told nothing could be done.

You have come to the right place! For the first time ever, you can be quoted a legal fee estimate without a consultation!

How do I do this? Because when you call, you will speak to me. And since I am an attorney, I am capable of accurately assessing your case.

There are two ways to take advantage of this revolutionary approach! Either send me a detailed email (the more case facts the better), and after I read it, I will either respond via email, or, if I have questions, I will call you for a brief chat.

Not a good writer or prefer to talk on the phone? Alternatively, you can give me a call (leave a voicemail if I do not answer) and within the first few minutes, I will ask very specific and targeted questions. Based on the answers that you provide, I will ask a few more questions. Within about 10 minutes, I will have gotten all of the information that I need to quote you a legal fee estimate. For this to work efficiently, your responses need to be brief and “to the point”. 

Doubtful? Call me today and see for yourself.

Why aren’t other attorneys doing this? I presume it has to do with the law firm’s policies or procedures (e.g. completing an intake), calendaring the consultation, etc. But since I am the owner, I get to create my own polices and procedures.

Other attorneys are not specialized in only immigration; they handle criminal, family, and bankruptcy, or other fields. Still others, just don’t know what questions to ask, process the answers, and ask follow up questions because they don’t know the field well enough. But I do because I have spent the last 15 years handling only complex immigration cases. In doing so, asking the right questions is like second nature to me.

The caveat to this is that you must fully disclose all relevant facts, so if you don’t know them, you need to find them out. In addition, I usually request that certain documents be sent to me so I can confirm that what I am being told is accurate. 

So you have absolutely nothing to lose!

Believe it or not, I developed this approach because even though I spent my time, I “felt bad” taking a consultation fee only to tell my client that there was no immigration relief available at that time. This doesn’t happen too often because I am creative and can usually suggest something. In fact, many times I have been told “the other attorney didn’t tell me what you are telling me.”

There is too much at stake to risk your American dream on an attorney who treats you like a number. 

Don’t wait. Call me today at (301) 529-1912.

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Legacy Immigration Named Among Top Lawyers In Washington, D.C. 2017 to 2022

Legacy Immigration’s Dawn C. Sequeira was named among “Washington’s Top Lawyers” by Washingtonian Magazine 2017 to 2021 (current issue) acknowledging the top 1% of attorneys in the D.C. metro area. Dawn C. Sequeira was chosen as one of the top immigration attorneys.

Legacy Immigration Invited To The TLC Show 90 Day Fiancé

Attorney Dawn Sequeira has been contacted twice to be on TLC’s popular show 90 Day Finance. 90 Day Fiancé is a reality television series that follows couples who have applied for and going through the K-1 visa process. The K-1 visa allows the fiancé from a foreign country to travel to the United States to live with his or her prospective spouse.

Heather KimHeather Kim
02:36 21 May 22
Everyone said It’s impossible for 20 years, and Dawn did it successfully within 3 years.My dad’s case was very complicated involving a deportation order. Our family went through many immigration attorneys. No one was ever confident and professional as Dawn. When I emailed Dawn for the first time, she said It’s possible and she wanted meet us at her office. Dawn took her time to listen to our story and explain every possible scenarios to us. Dawn was very honest and eager to help us. After meeting her, we felt so relieved and decided to work with her. We had to go through Motion to reopen, motion to terminate and finally i485 application. Every single step, Dawn was very knowledgeable, professional and personable. She even looked up the civil surgeon and made an appointment for my dad. When we received the request of immigration physical exam, Dawn predicted that my dad probably would get his green card without an interview. And yes, she is a psychic. My dad received his green card two weeks after his physical exam without an interview. We thank God letting us find Dawn.
Varsha PatelVarsha Patel
02:41 18 May 22
I had a Great Experience with Dawn C. Sequeira I used her firm for first and second marriage base green card and my naturalization. She was very efficient, detailed oriented and highly professional. She is very knowledgeable, thorough, a great communicator, and truly represents best interests of her clients. If Dawn takes your case, you can be confident that she'll do everything and will win it. I am very happy with her work. I would highly recommended Dawn for any immigration casesThank You very muchVarsha Patel
Constance CritchlowConstance Critchlow
23:24 29 Apr 22
Dawn is absolutely amazing! She has done all my visas over the last few years, from F1 to H3, H3 to H1B and recently just got my H1B extension approval without premium processing and all without any RFEs!! It was such a quick process and Dawn is so thorough, knowledgeable and just a great person!! Thank you Dawn for all you have done!!
Gift EnyaGift Enya
15:08 16 Jan 22
She was awesome, knowledgeable and great to speak to. Perfect attorney for any case. Thanks
varsha visanavarsha visana
14:20 11 Dec 21
I was looking for an immigration attorney who came highly recommended by her clients as well as held accolades that showed they were one of the best in their field. After a lot of research, I came across Dawn’s firm which encompassed all of what I was looking for. I was amazed at how many great reviews and success stories she had. After contacting Dawn, and discussing my case with her, I knew immediately I wanted her to represent me. Unlike my previous attorney, she responded promptly and explained the filing process to me to keep me informed and educated. On the day of my naturalization interview, she called me to go over the process and answer any questions I had. This helped calm my nerves and I was able to go to the interview with confidence. Dawn is not only knowledgeable about complex cases, but she shows compassion towards her clients by giving them moral support and encouragement. I highly recommend Dawn to anyone who needs assistance and guidance in their immigration journey.

I’m TOO Passionate!

In a relationship, who would you say cares more? A partner who takes no interest in where you go and what you do, or, someone who fights with you because you don’t spend enough time with him/her? The latter, right?

I took an oath to “Advocate Vigorously” for you. I am passionate because I care so much, sometimes as much, or even more than my client. Why am I so passionate or why do I care so much? On the astrological chart, I am a Sagittarius, which I am told, is a “fire” sign. I am very passionate about winning my client’s case, especially the super tough ones. Believe me, I wish that I could “turn off” the passion button, but it’s deeply engrained in me, so I have come to embrace it as part of my personality.

But I have been told that that is what my clients love about me and can notice it from the very first call.